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the country are working with their federal and local law enforcement agencies to fight this. >> anderson: who is committing the crimes? >> the perpetrators are again, they are from everywhere. we have employees from different organizations that access to social security numbers. and street criminals that this is the new crack cocaine. it's easy and less violent. a lot of gang members, drug traffickers are doing this. we have former nfl players have been involved in doing this. and we also have a former marine who scammed his fellow marines in afghanistan while they were fighting for our country and took their id's and e-mailed that information to miami and they filed tax refunds. >> where are they getting the social security numbers from? >> a lot of the criminals go to folks inside institutions like hospitals, schools anyone who has access to all the social security numbers the people inside sell the numbers for hundreds of dollars. the masterminds make thousands. because they use the numbers to file. >> anderson: who is the most vulnerable? >> in the beginning you see elderly and children b
for the need for new privacy laws. some government agencies including cal fire have permission to fly unmanned reconnaissance vehicles. as many as 7500 civilian drones will be cleared to fly within the next 5 years. >> they're flying smart phones. i think once private industry gets their ands on these we'll see great wonders. we'll never get there unless we place limits. >> reporter: more hearings are expected next month. >>> palo alto police have arrested a man accused of sexually assaulting a woman. david yi of san jose arranged for a meeting with a woman at the grass slipper inn after seeing an online ad for a massage. when the woman arrived police say he pulled out a knife and then robbed and assaulted her. detectives working the case say they recognize the suspect and took him into custody. >>> coming up in 2 minutes, testing the limits of free speech. controversial ads are all set to appear on bay area buses. >>> the push for tougher punishment for a crime that used to be a hangable offense. a ranch has had cattle stolen from him. >>> good ev
in a proposed law to the city council to require retailers to keep tobacco products out of sight. the tobacco can only be displayed when an adult is making a purchases or restocking the mayor said this is aimed as curbing youth smoking. >> >> personal computer sales took a sharp drop in the first part of this year. market research said pc shipments have been hit by the growing popularity of tablets and cellphones. the firm is predicting a double digit drop in worldwide pc sales for the first quarter and that could effect shares of intel which produces process ors used in 0% of all proceeds. >> >> the trust tee over casey anthony's case wants to sell her life story to help pay off her debt. including her daughter's death and anthony's high-profile murder trial. the trust tee wants to sell it to the highest bidder. anthony owes almost $800 thousand >> the rover curiosity is having some problems scientists say there is some type of computer error. a similar malfunction stalled curiosity earlier this month. the robot is still in contact
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3